A Needle Book

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The free cover kit with the October issue of Cross Stitch Crazy is this adorable sunflower needle book. It even comes with a silver butterfly charm! Although you can’t see in the photos, there is an additional piece of felt so when you fold the book over you have two pages inside the cover. The backstitch on this one is a bit tricky on the flowers, and so is the cross stitch in two yellow shades of floss. Lots of quarter stitches in this! Keep a sharp needle handy to pierce the Aida blocks.

Better Late Than Never

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I can’t believe how long it has taken me to get photos up of this project. I have been working on it here and there, but there always seems to be problems with getting the photos taken and uploaded. So without further ado, here is what I have so far:



The piece that has my initial in it is the needlebook cover. The second piece is the start of the biscornu. The scissors fob will be last, since I am not too thrilled about working over one on linen. My eyes just aren’t what they used to be (not that they were ever much good anyway!)

I am using one large piece of linen and stitching all of the designs on it, then I will cut them apart to make them up. I would love to stop stitching and make up the needlebook right now, but these are my smallest Q snaps and I need a large piece of fabric in order to use them. I hate using hoops on linen because it seems to leave permanent creases, not to mention pulling the threads out of whack.


First project of the new year

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Tonight I started on my first new project for 2014. I will have to wait until tomorrow to post progress pictures, as it is late and I am so tired! But here is the photo of the finished pieces, from the magazine.


This project will fulfill my goal of stitching three new things: a biscornu, a needle case, and a scissors fob. Although I have been stitching for over 30 years, I have never made any “practical” cross stitch items. What I make always ends up as a stitched picture. The stitching is done entirely in one color of floss, and is worked over two on 28 count linen. The designer’s name is Angela Pullen Atherton, and the chart is in the current issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine (Jan/Feb). ┬áThe photo above is from the magazine. Hopefully the scissors fob will keep track of my scissors, which I’m always losing, and more importantly, the needle book will keep track of the needles that somehow always get lost in my house. If I want to give my husband a fright, I only have to say “I can’t find my needle…”