First Variegated Project

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This small chart came from an issue of Mary Hickmott’s New Stitches, a British cross stitch magazine. It was the first time I had used variegated floss, and is also my biggest stitching disaster to date. I chose a skein of Ozark Sampler floss and started stitching away. Halfway through, I realized I would not have enough floss to complete the design. I searched online frantically but could not find floss by this company anywhere; apparently they are no longer are in business. I needed a plan… In my stash I¬†found another skein of floss by the same company, in a similar shade. I took one strand of the new and mixed it with two strands of the old, and stitched different areas this way. Then I used three strands of the regular floss and stitched other, random spots until I ran out. In the end I think it turned out OK. There is no one area with the mixed thread¬†that is very large or very far from an area using only the original color.