Hello again

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I cannot believe that it has been exactly six months since I last posted on this blog. So much has happened in that space of time… listing a vacation home, getting an offer two days later, driving 1200 miles to pack up all of our belongings and move them back home, volunteering countless hours in the school library, chauffeuring the kids to religious education classes twice a week, enduring physical therapy, surviving the Christmas season, and helping my daughter make videos for her YouTube channel. Last weekend my 7 year old participated in Jump Rope For Heart through the American Heart Association. This weekend she starts basketball (how is it that she is even big enough for that?). Needless to say, I have done no cross stitching in the last 6 months. None. As in, not one stitch. Time is always an issue in this household, but for the last year my neck pain has been so severe that looking down to do any kind of needlework would have been impossible. Reading is not so bad; I can hold a book out in front of me and not injure myself. So I have been spending every spare moment with the Chronicles of Narnia, Jules Verne, Lady Hardcastle, and Artemis Fowl. Reading is my second love (or is it tied for first?) so I have not been too disappointed that I haven’t been able to pick up a needle. But I have decided that I definitely need to spend more time on this blog, so I’m hoping this is the first of many posts to come for 2017.