His Name Is Jesus

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Done at last! I thought this would be a quick stitch but with kids, work, volunteering at school, physical therapy and exercise, it just didn’t happen. I finally finished this today. It needs to be washed and ironed, and then I am going to check out Hobby Lobby for a frame and mats, and will do the actual framing myself.


I did change the word “saviour” to “savior”, to be more American.

This pattern can be found here, for free: http://www.joyfulexpressions.us/HTML/FreePatterns.html

Now for my next project… I think I need to get my little hedgehog pincushion put together. And that deer in the woods is not getting finished just sitting in a drawer. That might need to be a summer project, though, as the counting and similar colors are horrible. I desperately want to start on John Clayton’s pyramids. And it should be an easier project, with huge blocks of one color and extremely small amounts of backstitch. Time to look through my stash again and see what other treasures I have set aside that I forgot about!