Spaceship Earth and… Figment!

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My quarantine project is finally finished, and I LOVE IT!!! I can’t wait to get it framed. I want to get a wooden hoop and paint it in a bright color (probably purple) but at the moment it’s hard to find supplies. I probably won’t worry about getting this displayed until fall when things have hopefully calmed down a bit.

I am a Disney fanatic, and Epcot is my favorite park. Spaceship Earth has always been one of my favorite attractions. I am also especially obsessed with Epcot’s mascot, Figment. I have been since I was a little girl.┬áHere I am with Figment and Dreamfinder, circa 1985.

I probably have an unhealthy amount of Figment memorabilia, but oh well. Dreamfinder has been gone for years, and other than a topiary at the Flower & Garden Festival, you can’t really get your picture taken with Figment any more. But here I am in my Spaceship Earth gear a couple of years ago, next to my favorite Disney character.

I have looked online for cross stitch patterns of Figment, but there really aren’t any aside from a few that people have come up with on their own. Someday I would love to stitch a picture of my favorite little purple guy.