What is This Pattern?

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You never know what you will find while in a thrift store! Recently I was visiting my parents, and we went to a church-run thrift store. I found a scroll frame in a bag, along with several finished cross stitched pieces. The bag was all stapled shut, so I could not see exactly what was inside. But the parts seemed to be all there, and the price was great, so I decided to take a chance. Back at my parents’ house, I opened the bag and found that the frame was not only all there, but it was a tabletop/lap model, and included three sets of scroll rods in different sizes. Score! I can pretty much only stitch hands free now, and I have not been able to find additional rods for my lap frame (it was made by a handiman, not a major company). But what I was really taken with was this half finished design of yellow roses. There were other designs in the bag, completed and partially completed, but I threw them out. Most of them were stained badly, and the only one that wasn’t was just not to my taste at all. But these roses are beautiful, and expertly stitched. The stitcher put a basting thread down the middle of all of the pieces she did, which I thought was interesting. I might have to try that sometime. I did a Google search for yellow roses cross stitch patterns and even tried to search with my image, to no avail. I’m not sure why this piece was never finished, or why it and the frame and other pieces were thrown in a bag and donated. Perhaps the stitcher died, or could not see to cross stitch any more. Even though I don’t know who she/he is, I would love to give this a home on the wall.

If you know what this pattern is, please let me know! I would love to finish it.