Better Late Than Never

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I can’t believe how long it has taken me to get photos up of this project. I have been working on it here and there, but there always seems to be problems with getting the photos taken and uploaded. So without further ado, here is what I have so far:



The piece that has my initial in it is the needlebook cover. The second piece is the start of the biscornu. The scissors fob will be last, since I am not too thrilled about working over one on linen. My eyes just aren’t what they used to be (not that they were ever much good anyway!)

I am using one large piece of linen and stitching all of the designs on it, then I will cut them apart to make them up. I would love to stop stitching and make up the needlebook right now, but these are my smallest Q snaps and I need a large piece of fabric in order to use them. I hate using hoops on linen because it seems to leave permanent creases, not to mention pulling the threads out of whack.


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