An exhausting day!

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Today was pizza delivery day, and now that we are home I am completely exhausted! My husband and I delivered pizzas to 13 classrooms, plus the office staff. We had to make three separate trips to the pizza place in order to pick up all of the pies (10-20 at a time)! The great thing was getting handmade cards and notes from some of the classes, and having kids stop us in the hallway to thank us for the pizza party. The kids all worked so hard to get 360 books read (actually, it was more like 410!) so they totally deserved it. And my geeky math family loved being able to celebrate Pi Day on Friday, Saturday, AND Monday! I took some video of the Pi Day celebrations at school on Friday. First we have my daughter, who is 5 and in kindergarten. She got to recite what she knew from memory and managed to do 16 digits! Then it was my son’s turn. He managed to recite 160 digits of Pi! And the best part of the assembly was when three kids got to throw pies in the faces of faculty members, whose names were drawn from a hat. You can see the videos by clicking on the links below:

5 year old recites Pi for Pi Day of the Century

160 digits of Pi for Pi Day 2015

Teachers get a pie in the face for pi day 2015

Nefertiti is coming along nicely! I can’t decide if I want to stitch her head covering next, or do her neck and shoulders. I think I might start on the head covering first just because it is full of some wonderful blue colors. Plus, it will make her more recognizable.


Unfortunately, I got very little done on A Summer Ball this past week. I did not even bother to take a progress photo. If I can manage to lift a needle tonight, I think I will work on it. But It is only 5:00 and I can already hear bed calling my name…


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