Pharoahs, Pi Day, and Pepperoni

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I have gotten some of the skin color done on Nefertiti’s face and… wow!


I am liking how this is turning out. I think I am going to have a hard time stopping work on this one to go back to A Summer Ball. I might have to put that one on hold for a bit and try to just finish this one up.

I might not get a lot of stitching done in the next few days. Tomorrow (Saturday) is Pi Day. Actually, it is “the Pi day of the century” because the date falls on 3-14-15. My son, who is 10, is a little genius when it comes to math. He is currently in 7th grade math at school and has about 160 digits of Pi memorized. I am not a math whiz; I can honestly say he does not get it from me. The other day when I made the Dr. Seuss hats, I needed his help to determine how large the circle of fabric for the brim needed to be. I had the tall part of the hat finished, and I needed the inside of the fabric ring for the brim to have the exact same size circumference as the hat. I couldn’t just trace around it because the felt was way too flimsy and it kept falling over. So I measured the distance around the hat and then he used his Pi skills to figure out the diameter of the circle for me to cut out. And if you saw the hats, you know how well they turned out! 🙂 Since Pi Day is on a Saturday, we are celebrating it at school today. There will be an assembly and my son will get to recite as many digits as he can from memory. A few teachers are even supposed to have students throw pies in their faces! Since there is a play at the high school that they have to go over and see in the afternoon, we have to cut our Pi Day celebration a bit short. On Monday we will continue it and deliver pizzas  – complete with pepperonis arranged in the shape of the pi symbol – to each class. This is something my husband really wanted to do for the school, and I think it will be fun for the kids. Since March is reading month, we are tying that in to the celebration. In order to earn the pizza party, the kids have to read a certain number of books. There is a large “pizza” in the hallway and every time a child reads a book they get to add a piece of (paper) pepperoni with their name on it. It should be lots of fun!


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