Summer Ball Week 6

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Here is my progress after 6 weeks of stitching. I think I am about 1/10 of the way done with this project. At this rate, I will not have this done in a year, unfortunately.


Now that it is March, I also need to be thinking about what stash finishes I can make. I had 3 for January but only 1 for February. I would like to aim for 2 in March but I do want to keep working on Summer Ball as well. Time to start looking through my stash again!


2 thoughts on “Summer Ball Week 6

  1. Hi Carrie! I live in Michigan too (Livingston County) and I am working on Summer Ball as well. I am enjoying this design and am so glad I purchased this design when I did. I am stitching this project on Ivory Permin Jobelan, 32 count. I would estimate my level of completion at about 15%. I usually do my cross stitch projects in rotation so I don’t get bored or feel stuck on one design. I encountered your blog while doing an Internet search for Summer Ball cross stitch images. Finding another Michigander working on Summer Ball was so great! I love seeing your progress each week-you stitch so beautifully. Can you imagine how awesome it will be when it is finished and framed? Keep up the good work!
    Happy stitching,

  2. Hi Aline! What a small world… I lived in South Lyon until I was in college. Right on the edge of Livingston County! I really miss living down there because of all the stuff to do. I guess it is a good thing I have my stitching to keep my busy way up north here! I finished the face and the backstitching on the first man for Summer Ball last night. I agree about the rotation – I have one project that I can only work on for a few days at a time because the colors drive me nuts. I will get it done some day, but if I forced myself to work on it until completion I think I would stop stitching altogether. I think I will work a bit more on Summer Ball just because I am having so much fun with it, but I do want to downsize my stash of kits this year. I’m so happy to hear about someone else stitching the same [huge] project at the same time, and so close to home! I’d love to see your progress on it some time.


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