Summer Ball Week 5

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I didn’t get to add a progress photo last week, due to no-school days. We had a 4 day week, then a 3 day week, and school was cancelled today which means this will be (at most) a 4 day week. The weather is not looking good for tomorrow, either.

I did manage to get a bit of work on this done in the past two weeks, as you can see. I am hoping to get all of the missing background and at least half of the man done by the end of next weekend.



2 thoughts on “Summer Ball Week 5

  1. I have read your whole blog the last couple of days and love every moment.
    A beautiful stocking came to life for your lovely daughter, cute little finishes and so much more…
    A nice blog to read, thanks for sharing your stitching with us

    greetz from belgium,

  2. Thank you so much for your comments. I took a look at your blog too and it is lovely. I like the designs of Popcorn the bear. Here in America it is very hard to find patterns of him, I can only get them through my British magazines. Happy stitching!


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