Summer Ball, Week 2

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I didn’t get as much stitching done this week as I would have liked. But, I am determined to take a photo once a week of this project to see what I have worked on. Now that I can actually tell what the design is starting to be, I will rotate my progress photos so you can see the project right-side-up.


I am kind of freaking out because my colors don’t seem to match other stitched designs that I have seen online. I am really hoping that my chart isn’t wrong. I had posted before about finding mistakes in the chart, and I am going to be so upset if some of the colors listed on this chart are wrong. I have heard someone say that they started using the magazine to stitch the design, but then lost it. So they bought a copy off of the designer’s website (which is what I did), only to find that the ladies’ dresses were different colors. The columns I have stitched so far do not seem to be the same shades as in the finished piece. I don’t know if it is because I am using DMC and the model was stitched with Anchor, or if it is a chart error. I guess I will keep plugging away, but I am getting a bit nervous.

Now that it is February, it is also time to start thinking about what I can stitch from my stash this month. I completed three small kits last month. With it being a short month and being assigned to bring in goodies for both kids’ holiday parties, I probably won’t beat that this month. But I would like to do at least one finish a month. I guess I had better go back through my stash to see what is calling out to me!


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