Summer Ball, Week 1

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I started A Summer Ball last Sunday, so I plan to take a photo of my progress every Sunday until it is finished. Here is one week of stitching completed.


I am stitching this sideways because of the long width of the chart. So the corner I have finished is actually the lower left corner. If you look sideways, you can make out the floor and the columns of the ball room. Next I get to start on the gentlemen! Actually, you can already see the two black shoes of the first gentleman.


2 thoughts on “Summer Ball, Week 1

  1. I am looking for any hints/tips working sideways. Not finding a lot of information
    I like working on a scroll frame the material is out of the way
    I have been cross stitching putting it as top to bottom but found out I can not reach the far left hand side. I put the project sideways but notice now that the stitch needs to work different.

  2. I am stitching this sideways and have not run into any problems yet. You just have to turn the chart sideways, too. Before you start, make note of any symbols in the chart that look similar to one another. Once the chart is turned sideways, the symbols will become different. So if you have symbols in the chart that are < and ^ then you could get confused when you go to stitch these. What I do is just turn my chart the right way every time I need to start a new color. That way I am looking at the symbol the correct way. Then I check on the key to see what floss I need. Just be sure to turn your chart sideways again when you start to stitch! It becomes second nature pretty quickly. Good luck! Carrie

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