Stash Finish #11

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Finally, mouse #3 is done! He is stash finish #11 for 2015.


I have stitched all three designs on the long piece of fabric that came with the kit. I am not sure if I am going to cut them apart and put them in cards (which came in the kit) or leave it all together and frame it or finish as a bell pull. If I do leave it together, I think I will need to find a design to stitch in between the mice. Perhaps a small sprig of holly and ivy?



3 thoughts on “Stash Finish #11

  1. where can I find the cute little christmas mice patterns? I think stash 10,11,12 2015
    The free pattern link is not working. I would love to make these.
    Thank You you are very talented.

    • The magazine they were in is the British magazine World of Cross Stitching. It is issue 220. The patterns for the mice are inside the magazine, along with the info about the fabric (it’s just 14 count white Aida). Unfortunately, no thread numbers are given. I am not sure what brand of floss they use on these cover kits (and maybe they use their own brand). You would have to try to guess at the colors. For the most part, that should be easy. There is white, one shade of red, one shade of yellow, a purple and a dark purple, and three shades of green. Really only the tans used in the mice would matter.

      The cover of the magazine has two red poppies on it, along with a scarecrow, fox, sewing room, and ipad cover. You can buy a digital copy of the magazine, if you can’t find the print issue.

      You can probably also get it through the Apple app.


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