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The heel, toe, and stocking top are finished, and I did not run out of floss. But I have only a few strands left, and I still need to use it in the multicolored border designs which go inside the green lines. So I am not out of the woods yet. But these areas should blend in a lot better if I do run out and need to substitute with another color.



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  1. I love this stocking! I’ve searched the web and have found it for sale on ebay for $234. Too expensive! Do you know if the pattern is available without the kit?

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t think any Dimensions kits are available as charts only. I believe this kit was from 2001, so it is probably getting kind of hard to come by now. If you do find a complete kit, I would suggest matching the floss colors for DMC or Anchor and using that, instead. I will never do another Dimensions kit with the floss they supply. It shreds horribly!


  3. I just completed Dimensions Sleigh Ride at Dusk stocking for my 2 month old grand daughter without any problems. I don’t like working from a kit though because it’s difficult managing the thread. I have 4 “grown” children (26-19) and each have a stocking from the Better Homes and Gardens Heirloom stocking collection that I made after their births. I also made one for my daughter-in-law from the collection two years ago. My husband asks every year, “where’s my stocking?” I’m bored since the stocking is complete and started looking on the web. I asked what he wanted on it and he suggested the wise men. The Heavenly Herald stocking is now an obsession! I found the pattern on Pinterest but the quality is not good and I think I might go blind if I tried to use the printed copies. Would you consider selling a copy of the pattern once you’ve completed the stocking?


  4. Unfortunately, my chart is almost completely destroyed. I use orange colored pencil to mark off the stitches as I go, and so now the whole thing is colored in. I didn’t realize when I was doing this, that the backstitch is all marked in different colors. So now I have colored over the backstitch lines, and can’t tell what color each is! I will have to look at the color photo from the kit to try to figure it out. And if it gets really bad, I might just have to do all of the backstitch in black. Ugh, I am not looking forward to doing the backstitch at all. The lines don’t follow any kind of straight path. They go all over the squares, not lining up with the holes in the Aida at all. I did about 3 inches on the angel’s robe a while back and then gave up.

    Sleigh Ride at Dusk is a beautiful stocking! I’m sure your granddaughter will love it.


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