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I hate frogging. You know, when you make a mistake and you have to rip-it, rip-it, rip-it all out. I had a leaf to stitch on the Autumn Leaves project and it happened to be within some of the wording. Halfway through I realized the color I had picked was not going to work – it was way too close to the color of the lettering. The words completely disappeared into the leaf. After ripping it all out I couldn’t find anything suitable, so I went for a plain old skein of DMC.

It looks… somewhat okay. I’m not thrilled that there is no color variation on this leaf, and there is with everything else. Oh well. Leaf done, and onto more wording. And then of course I mess up the counting and am way off. Time to rip-it. Again. Needless to say, not my favorite stitching day. But alas, a bad day of stitching is better than no day of stitching at all. Or something like that.