I need some stitchy time!

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Once again I had a day with no cross stitch. Well, that isn’t entirely true. I processed orders. I did inventory. I started on my taxes. But that isn’t exactly the kind of cross stitching I had in mind. My 10 day goal to finish Autumn Leaves was a joke. Who was I kidding? I spent last night restocking DMC floss. A shipment of 140 boxes came in. That’s 1680 skeins. Mmmm… that’s almost as good as chocolate! I love looking at the rainbow of colors, and seeing the display cabinets full to the brim. I don’t particulary enjoy opening all of the boxes and finding which spot the floss goes in. But I guess that’s part of the job. Today I restocked all of the other items that came in that I was running low on, such as bobbins, needles, magnetic boards, and fabric. Tomorrow I have to add all of the brand new products that came in, namely hoops in every size. I also can’t wait for my shipment of Coats & Clark floss to arrive. We have decided to add their line of floss to our shop. Later in the year I hope to add the entire Anchor line, as well. Hopefully this will satisfy our overseas customers, who cannot purchase DMC threads from us due to DMC’s European Union rules. It’s a brand new year, and so far it has been great for the shop. It looks like the economy is turning around. Yay! More orders = more $ to spend on new inventory!