Lost Floss

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I ran out of floss. I knew it would happen. So many stitchers have complained about how Dimensions kits don’t come with enough floss, and I have been very careful with what I had. But then the unexpected happened. It was night time, and I stopped stitching for the day. I put the dark blue floss I had been using on top of my chart, and put that on top of my stitching bag. The next day, it was gone. Apparently someone walked by and either took it (not likely) or it got stuck to their clothing. I searched high and low for two days, to no avail. I had a tiny bit of the same color set aside for the borders, so I now have to use that to finish the sky to ensure that everything matches. I looked through every color of DMC trying to find a match, but to my dismay there is nothing even remotely similar. I have not gone through my stash of Anchor yet, so maybe I will find something close. I am hopeful that there will be enough to finish the sky and then I will just have to take the closest match I can find and use that for the multi-colored border. Hopefully it will not be too noticeable. Dimensions is supposed to send you more floss if you run out, but I don’t want to wait for that, and I have heard so many stitchers say that their requests never get fulfilled anyway. I have certainly learned my lesson… always take the time to put your stitching away properly!