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I. Hate. Buttonhole Stitches. hardanger10

My Hardanger heart is coming along great. It’s almost finished, in fact. But I am having trouble with the buttonhole stitch which goes along the edge. This allows the piece to be cut out and not fall to pieces. I have looked at numerous books, websites, and YouTube videos. So far the most helpful has been this one. My main problem was that the pearl cotton #5 seemed too big to use, and yet the #8 seemed too fine. The pattern calls for the #5, same as the Kloster blocks, so that is what I am using. But it is not going well. I did manage to make my first row and then turn an outside corner. Yay! But now I have to do an “inside” corner. I have no clue what I am doing. Back to the video. For the third time. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

[Update: December 1, 2021. I just found that the link above for a helpful video is no longer there. I have found a wonderful new tutorial video series by Epida Studio which you can view here.]


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