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Last night I sat down with my Hardanger supplies, Jane Greenoff’s The Cross Stitcher’s Bible, and my iPad. After consulting the book, then some websites, then the book again, and finally a few YouTube videos, I was ready to tackle the terrifying craft of Hardanger. I am using 22 count ivory Hardanger fabric that was made by Charles Craft years ago and has been in my stash for some reason (I honestly have no idea where it came from). I am also using ecru DMC pearl cotton in sizes 5 (skein) and 8 (ball). The kloster blocks seemed easy enough, but I had to keep stopping and starting again because my stitches wouldn’t end up where I wanted them to. I was going in circles. Finally I found a website with a diagram that showed how you could use the same hole to go back to the beginning of a block, so I was able to work my blocks diagonally to work my heart.


This morning I finished up the last of the kloster blocks and was ready to start cutting. Yeah, cutting. The part that terrifies me most. Working stitches wrong is no big deal, you can rip them out and start again and have only wasted a bit of time and thread. But cutting where you aren’t supposed to means you can ruin an entire project. I took a deep breath and decided to dive right in. And then I found that my scissors are too thick. They are pretty small, so I don’t know what kind of scissors I am going to need to get to continue working on this. And I can’t do anything else until I cut those threads. So I guess this is one more project that is on the back burner for now…



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