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Heavenly Herald Stocking

Adrienne’s Christmas stocking is coming along slowly but surely. You can make out the peach colored angel’s hands praying, plus the sleeve of her robe and part of the robe hanging down. I am going to continue with the robe and then work my way up to her face and hair, and then the wings. After that, the top part of the stocking with the name should be a nice monotonous stitch. I am hoping I can have this done by Christmas. No, I *MUST* have this done by Christmas! This will be Adrienne’s 6th Christmas (even though she is currently only 4 years old) and she really needs to have a nice stocking of her own. The navy Aida and the 18 count are not as bad as I thought they would be to work on. I think the biggest problem is that the fabric given in the kit doesn’t have any extra room to it, so the stitching is going to go almost to the edge. I am going to do as much as I can using my Q-Snaps, but then I will have to switch to a scroll frame to do the edges.


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