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My daughter will be graduating from preschool at the end of the month and I have decided to cross stitch gifts for her two teachers. One loves elephants, which just happens to be my daughter’s favorite animal as well. I wasn’t sure what to stitch for her other teacher, though. Then Adrienne told me that she loves owls, so I was on a quest to find a cute owl chart. I found lots of charts in my stash, but they were either way too big, the wrong subject (an owl with a bandaged wing and the saying “get well soon”? I don’t think so!) so I searched online. I found a picture of an adorable already-stitched owl but unfortunately didn’t know who made the chart. It was quite a simple design, though, so I just got out some graph paper and used the photo to see where to put each stitch.

Here are the progress photos for Saturday and Sunday.

owl1     owl2

Hopefully this will only take another 2-3 stitching sessions to complete. Once it is done, I will start on the elephant. I am not quite sure yet how I will finish them off. Frame? Mini pillow? I guess we’ll just have to see.


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