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biscornucloseupThe biscornu is now all put together, except for the buttons. I accidentally bought the wrong size, and they are too large. Grrr! I will have to wait until I get back to town to buy some new ones and return the others. I will also have to find some wool or felt to make the needlebook pages. I have the cross stitch motif finished and fringed and just need to get the book put together. I live so far away from any kind of stores, and even when I do get to town all we have is Wal-mart and a small Joann Fabrics. So I might have to wait until I go on vacation to try to find the pages for the needlebook.

I am not sure if I will make another biscornu. It was extremely hard for me to put together, and by the end my fingers were in a lot of pain. I don’t recommend it for anyone who suffers from any type of arthritis or other hand ailment. I am also not 100% happy with the edges. The directions called for using one strand of floss to whip stitch everything together, while most other instructions I have found call for two. I think if I were to make another in the future, I would stick with Aida instead of stitching on linen. My backstitches seemed to get lost in the linen, making it hard to find a stitch to sew through.


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