1884 Flora Dellow Sampler

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sanqThis is the sampler that caught my eye in the current issue of Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly. It only contains two colors, cream and red, and is a pretty straightforward project. Something I have always wanted to do was to have a huge stash of stitched reproduction samplers, all with one of my ancestors’ names in place of the original. Each sampler would be stitched on linen, of course, and I would try to “age” it by tea dying and snipping holes in the fabric here and there. I have never had time to actually follow through with this plan, though. And I rarely find a sampler that really speaks to me. Most samplers have motifs of people, trees, birds, and crowns. I actually prefer samplers that contain only alphabets or sayings. This Flora Dellow sampler might be just the project to start on after my current project is finished. I could stitch this on a scroll frame, and at the same time be working on the petal pincushion pieces. I like having different sized projects on the go at the same time.


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