Learning to Punch Needle

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Learning to Punch Needle was easier than I thought, thanks to this great video series on YouTube. I watched all of her videos through once, then went back to the important parts again (like how to thread the punch needle). Then I started punching… and am loving it! This project is working up so quickly compated to counted cross stitch, and you don’t need great light or eyesight. You just outline a motif and then fill it in. It actually reminds me of making all of the Wilton cakes I have created for my kids over the years!


With punch needle, you work on the top of the hoop surface, right on the transfered design. But the back is actually the right side. The loops that you make don’t look like much to start, but as the design gets fuller the loops squash together to make a nice looking picture.


These photos were from day one’s progress. On day two it looked like this:

punch2front       punch2back

See how the loops are starting to press together?



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