It’s like Christmas Morning!

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Today I stumbled upon a bag full of goodies that were packed away. I had forgotten all about these! So it was like Christmas morning going through everything. Most of these items came from shop buy-outs when stores are going out of business. I have purchased the inventory of 3 shops so far – one in NY, one in FL, and one in MI. Some of the items that the shop owners sold me were just not fit for resale. There were spools of Kreinik with the sticker missing that says what color number it is, other Kreinik spools that are obviously half used up (probably from shop classes), and spools that may be unused but are completely coming undone. That’s okay, they will make a great addition to my stash!

Some of the items included are a ton of the same color of Caron Watercolour’s Burnt Toast (with photocopied labels, for some reason); ┬áKreinik spools in every color and size; overdyed floss from JAR Designs, Weeks Dye Works, Crescent Colours, and more; and a bunch of skeins of different types of The Thread Gatherer.

Here are some pictures for you to “ooh” and “aah” over! Click on the small images to view them full size.





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