How Time Flies!

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I can’t believe how long it has been since my last post. Things have been crazy hectic around here, and I am starting to feel like I will never get caught up with everything I have to do. I’ve done a bit of stitching, but not as much as I would have liked. I will probably post a mystery project update tomorrow. Instead of stitching, I have been reading cross stitch magazines and looking online for free patterns. Not a great idea… if I had 100 projects on my “to do” list before, I surely have 200 now. Most of the projects I am interested in are Egyptian in nature. I have wanted to stitch a picture of King Tut for years, but never had a chart. Egypt must be a pretty popular subject now though, because I am finding so many great patterns in my magazines. I also have this book, Ancient Egyptian Cross Stitch by Barbara Hammet which has a lot of great patterns.

I’m definitely not going to start anything new until I get my mystery project done, and I might not even let myself work on anything else until some other old projects are finished too. Then again, cross stitching isn’t supposed to be a chore, so I don’t know if forcing myself to work on something I don’t enjoy will really work. I guess I will just have to keep looking at these Egyptian patterns and maybe that will give me the motivation to get stitching on my current projects, for I know that they too will be beautiful when completed.


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