How Many Is Too Many?

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Recently I was doing a Google Images search for the Peacock Tapestry, to see if anyone had actually completed it. I found the website of a gal who was working on it, as well as other projects. 50, to be exact. Yes, she had fifty projects all going at one time. I couldn’t believe it! And these were not small projects, either. They were all masterpieces, like the Peacock Tapestry. She said that she has 50 WIPs all at once, and she spends ten hours on each one before moving on to the next. And she has an order in which they are worked on (a rotation, as she calls it). Wow. I could never be that disciplined. I actually think if I had to stick to those rules, I would find stitching becomes a chore instead of the relaxing, enjoyable hobby that it is. What do you think? Could you force yourself to work for ten hours on a project, then put it away and know you couldn’t work on it again until you had stitched 49 other pieces for ten hours each? Not me! I have just one or two days left of stitching on the border of the Peacock Tapestry and then I will put it away for a while, but I will certainly get it out again whenever the mood strikes. The best part about stitching is that it is ME time, and when I have ME time I want to do whatever I want!


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