Under The Sea

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After two years, working off and on, this mermaid is DONE! I am not sure yet how I want to frame her, and she needs one last trip to the ironing board. But I am so glad I stuck with this project and was able to complete it. And now I think I need a break from stitching for a while, and then a nice, simple project when I get back into it!

The beadwork was pretty intense, but sooooo worth it!

The camera can’t do justice to the gold and silver metallic threads.


2 thoughts on “Under The Sea

  1. She’s stunning! Would you be able to provide the name of the designer or the website you purchased the pattern from? Thank you!

  2. She was featured in Cross Stitch Gold magazine, issue 137, March 2017. That is the UK edition number; the US issues started much later and therefore have different numbering system. But she is featured on the cover, in the lower left corner, so you can double check before you buy. The designer is Shannon Wasilieff. You may be able to buy the chart directly from her; I know she does sell some of her designs on her website even if they were in a magazine. If not, you can buy a digital back copy of the magazine.


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