Neon Mandala

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This project finished up so much faster than I expected, and I love it. But I am a bit disappointed at how much of the white pattern shows underneath the stitching. I wish the lines had not been put onto the fabric so thickly. But I am a perfectionist, and I doubt anyone else would scrutinize my projects the way I do. I also think I may paint the wooden hoop a bright color, perhaps neon green.

I would definitely try another embroidery project in the future, but I think I would prefer to use my own fabric and threads and transfer the design to the fabric myself. I could definitely see myself doing a sugar skull pattern!


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    • I can’t post them because of copyright issues, but the purple french knots are done in 4 strands. The blue french knots are done in 6 strands. The french knot in the very center is done in 4 strands of white. The green circle surrounding it is done in 2 strands of backstitch. The blue circle surrounding that is done in 2 strands with stem stitch. The backstitch of the outer leaves (for the white, yellow, and green) is done in 6 strands. The innermost yellow of the same area is done in couching stitch with 3 strands. The blue area on the outside that has the french knots, is done in couching stitch with 6 strands. The white part inside of that is also done with couching stitch, 6 strands. The purple lines that connect those french knots is done in straight stitch with 4 strands. The orange part of the middle rounded leaves is done in 3 strands with backstitch. The pink, orange, yellow, and white veins inside those leaves is done in straight stitch with 2 strands. The purple innermost teardrop shapes are done in backstitch with 3 strands. The pink web part around that is also done in 3 strands of backstitch. Hope this helps! Or, if you want you can do what I did and just follow the photo to stitch each section however you want. Some of the stitches were not to my liking and some of the floss thicknesses seemed off to me. The great thing about this kit is that you can just stitch on top of the lines on the fabric and not have to worry about following their instructions exactly.

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