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I have just received information from my sales rep at the main wholesaler I use for ordering the merchandise for my store. It appears that there is a new “Made in America Tax” on the ballot. Under a series of proposed tariffs, the price of commonly-used craft supplies and fabrics could increase by as much as 25%, unintentionally putting a tax on products “Made in America.”  Crafters, craft suppliers, small shops, and manufacturers are urging people to sign the petition to tell USTR and Congress to exempt craft supplies and fabrics from proposed section 301 tariffs.

This new tax, as well as the recent decision to make small businesses collect sales tax in each state and even city (which would be about 10,000 different tax locations) could absolutely put small independent needlework stores (like me) out of business. It could also harm anyone who makes and sells finished craft items for a living. Please find out more information about this proposed tax and do what you can to tell our leaders in Washington why it is a bad idea.

You can read more and sign the petition at


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