Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I don’t do much for this holiday. I don’t decorate the house, and I might make some pink heart cookies or something, but only if my son needs to take them to school for his party! My husband and I don’t even get each other cards or gifts. After being together for 16 years, we don’t need one certain day a year to know how we feel about each other. But, there is one thing I am looking forward to – an evening of uninterrupted stitching! This is always my wish for my birthday and Mother’s Day, as well. On those days I don’t want to cook or clean, or be the one who has to discipline the kids. All I want is a quiet house with hours and hours of stitching time, just for me. Because let’s face it, on a normal day I don’t get that!

The Peacock Tapestry is coming along, but it is going to take FOREVER! I give myself about 3 years on this one. I have two of the corner blocks done, with two to go. I have the top border row done, as well as almost half of one side, and more than 3/4 of the other side. So that leaves the bottom row, 1/4 of one side, and half of the other side. And that is just for the border stripes! All four sides of the border have to be filled in with a floral design. Then the entire set of stripes has to be backstitched, beads have to be added, and gold metallic threads have to be criss-crossed through. All of that has to be done at the very end, though. The border alone will be one of the most intricate and time-consuming pieces I have ever done. The peacock itself, which fills the entire inside of the frame, will be an enormous challenge in itself. But I am determined to finish this, no matter how long it takes. I think I will have to take breaks from this project so that I don’t get bored or overwhelmed. I am going to try to at least get the corner blocks and border stripes done before I pack it away for a while. Then Adrienne’s Christmas stocking and Jim’s wooded deer project will have to be brought back out. So much stitching, so little time…


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