A 2.5 Year Work-In-Progress

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Yesterday I was going through my box of “completed” projects that have not been framed yet, when I came across my¬†little hedgehog pincushion. Well, it was technically two stitched sides of a hedgehog waiting to be turned into a pincushion. I had completely forgotten about this project. I had stitched it up quickly, but then never got around to putting it together. I decided it had been long enough (since September 2015, yikes!) and I got out my sewing supplies. It was a bit trickier than I had thought it would be, because the pattern was from one of my digital magazines. So when I printed out the templates on my printer, they were not large enough. I had to play around with enlarging them before I figured out the correct size. Most of it went together on the machine, which was quick and easy. But the bottom piece of green felt had to be hand sewn on, which was really tedious and painful and today I’m having an issue with trigger finger because of it. Ouch! But finally he was done, and I got to put in the cute leaf shaped pins I had found. He is so adorable and I absolutely love him! I think instead of using him as a pincushion I am just going to keep him on my desk to look at, whenever I need to smile.

You can read my original post about this little guy here.



One thought on “A 2.5 Year Work-In-Progress

  1. I’m sitting at my desk at work
    & had to smile as well…
    How cute…
    I have a watermelon that has to serve as a pincushion, but I still have to make it.

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