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I have started a new project. I know, I know. I have several WIPs already. But the deer in the woods is just not fun to work on, and A Summer Ball is quite challenging (and huge). I wanted to work on something that I could complete in the next couple of months, and have fun working on at the same time. I chose this gingerbread houses wall hanging from issue 141 of Cross Stitch Gold magazine. This pattern was designed by Durene Jones, and is just so adorable. There is no backstitching, no fractionals, and only a handful of french knots. The entire chart is done in only 7 colors, and has large blocks of one color. I have not worked on it much yet, just a couple of hours over the weekend, and I already have a good portion of one of the houses done. Photos to come!

This was not one of the projects I had in my “to do” pile. I really did want to start on either the colorful butterflies or the red headed mermaid. But I didn’t have the right fabric for the mermaid, and this chart seemed so much easier than either of them. Bigger, possibly, but with a lot less color changes and counting. And although I am not a huge fan of gingerbread cookies or cutesy things like this in general, I just knew I had to make this wall hanging when I saw it! I especially adore the green pom pom trim at the bottom.


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  1. This is just GORGEOUS. I went to your site to purchase the pattern or kit, but I see it’s not finished yet. I would love it if you could let me know when it’s available.
    Godbless, Thérèse

  2. Hi,

    The pattern is in issue 141 of Cross Stitch Gold magazine. The cover has a red cushion with poinsettias on it, and a girl in a red dress up in the right hand corner. You can buy a digital copy of the magazine through Zinio, or it’s probably on the Apple app store as well. If you want a paper copy of the magazine, Cross Stitch Gold might still have back issues available on their website.


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