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The other day when my 6 year old wanted to work on her cross stitch, I decided to get out a new project. A Summer Ball is lots of fun to work on, but difficult when you have to stop every couple of minutes. I looked through my “work in progress” tote and found a project I had completely forgotten about. I had not started it yet, but had the materials ready to go. It is a cute little hedgehog which is stitched in two parts and then put together to make a pincushion. It was a free cover kit from a recent British magazine, but as I subscribe to the digital edition, I don’t get the kit. Fortunately, the chart was inside the magazine and I just had to find my own supplies. The design is stitching up very quickly, and I already have most of the first half of the little critter done. The other side is basically the same thing, only in reverse. I can’t wait to get this one done!

I haven’t taken a photo yet, but here is what he will look like. I even managed to find the same pins, although they are a different color.



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  1. Becky, it is from the British magazine CrossStitcher, and it was in the May 2015 issue. You can purchase a back issue from various apps, or I found this page online:
    Click on “look inside” underneath the phone image of the cover, and there are a few sample pages of the issue. The hedgehog is included!

    Now that it is spring break, I think I will try to get this little guy put together. I’ve had him stitched for ages. Thanks for the reminder 🙂


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