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When I first started on A Summer Ball, I posted progress pictures every Sunday for several weeks. Then I put it aside to work on other things, and I am just now getting back into working on this. So I honestly have no idea how many weeks worth of stitching this is. I do know, however, that I am getting closer and closer to being done with pages 1 and 2 (out of 10). So when I finish these pages, I will be 1/5 of the way done. Wow, that sounds daunting! This is by far the largest project I have ever attempted. But I am really enjoying working on it. The Easy Count Guideline is helping so much. I can quickly glance down at the fabric and know where I need to begin stitching a new color. I mostly get to work on this in the evenings for about a half hour, and then possibly a bit more on the weekends. I had hoped to have the entire project done in just over a year, but I know that is not possible now. My new goal is to have the first two pages done by Halloween, and then one more full page done by Christmas. I am going to keep working on this until I tire of it, and then put it away and get out another WIP, such as the deer in the woods.




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  1. Hi there,
    Hope you dont mind me asking but I am also on the hunt for this pattern. Are you able to help me at all. Even at a cost.
    Many Thanks

  2. I was wondering if you could help me out I have been looking for this pattern everywhere and can not find it. Does it come from a magazine or a kit? If you are willing to sale your copy I would pay for it although I see that I am not the only one looking for it. Thanks for any information you can give me happy stitching.

  3. The pattern was originally in three issues of a British magazine, Cross Stitch Collection. The first part was in issue 134 and the image of Summer Ball is on the cover. The next part of the designs were probably in issues 135 and 136, as they usually did these designs as three-parters. I purchased the design directly as a download from the designer’s website in the summer of 2014. Unfortunately, they went out of business on December 31, 2014 because of VAT rule changes. They simply could not charge sales tax to all the different countries of the world, so they closed their doors (like lots of other small designers). You may be able to find the magazine issues on eBay.


  4. Carrie, I am dying to know whether you finished the Summer Ball project!
    I have been looking for the pattern for ages, and eventually gave up. I did manage to find another pattern by the same designers, entitled “Edwardian Garden Party”. My threads should arrive by the end of the week so I can get started…

  5. Hi Jacqueline,

    I have awesome news! No, I didn’t finish Summer Ball yet, lol. But the pattern is once again available! The designer is from the UK, and a couple of years ago they changed the laws in regards to VAT (tax) on digital goods. It became impossible for many designers to collect and remit sales tax from every country in the world, so they simply went out of business. But, this designer, Deborah Lester, just a few days ago announced that she has found a way around this. She has teamed up with Patreon, a website where artists can ask for donations to fund their art. In return, they often give out free gifts. So she has already added A Summer Ball as her first pattern, and will be adding other “oldies but goodies” in the future; she says at least one per month. When you become a patron, you get to download the charts! You can read more about it on her Facebook page:
    Since I already have that pattern, I haven’t signed up yet (I am waiting for Victorian Christmas!) but it looks like if you pay $5 for a monthly fee you can get A Summer Ball right now. I believe I paid $12 for it off of her website a few years ago, so that is a great deal!


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