Stash Finish #8

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Finally. This evil bunny is FINALLY done! I can honestly say that I have never hated working on a project as much as this one. It probably took me three times as long to complete as it should have, but the chart was horrible to work from and the colors all looked the same. I also hate how it looks like one ear is not finished. Bebunni, I will never stitch you again. Never.


On the plus side, this was my “try out Thread Heaven” project and I must say I don’t think I will stitch without it again. I am still a bit worried that 30 years from now the threads will have deteriorated or discolored a bit, but I think I will still use it anyway. I just don’t think I will use it on the projects I am currently working on, because I don’t want them to be half with and half without it. But wow, what a difference for threads tangling. I didn’t have any issues at all on this card in terms of knotting and twisting. Thread Heaven will definitely be going in my stitching bag.

Now for a nice cleansing breath, and to start thinking about what I will work on next. I suppose I should finish up the Willow Tree Sampler, because I have come so far on it. And it has been a long time since I have worked on Summer Ball. I would also like to get the woodland deer out of the way, but all of that green and brown was getting tiresome.


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