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I have decided to finally set up an Instagram account, but it will be cross stitch related only. I wasn’t thrilled about setting up an account because the pictures are completely public, but I figure if it is just stitching related there can’t be much harm done (have you seen some of the stuff people put on there?!). I will be posting pictures of my completed projects, along with stitching products I can’t live without, and maybe even stitch diagrams or examples. The next thought, which has been in my mind for several years, is to start video tutorials on YouTube. But I don’t have a great camera, and I am very intimidated by the editing people do to their videos. I’m a cross stitcher, not a movie maker. Yet I have often searched for things there that I know how to do – like french knots – and been unable to find any really GOOD videos. So I feel it could be a great service to people to help them learn something that I am good at. That might be something to think about setting up this summer.

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