What am I supposed to do with this?

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I started a new kit last night, and all was going well until I came across this.


Yup, a huge flaw in the floss. And of course it is right in the middle of the strand. Now what? I guess I will have to cut it out and stitch with really short lengths of floss, and hope I don’t run out.

I’m really enjoying these small cover kits, and it’s great to use up my stash. But I feel bad that I had to put that deer in the woods away yet AGAIN, and that I haven’t started on Summer Ball. I wanted to start it on January 1 and work a little bit each day. But these little guys are so fun and easy to work on with kids around; there isn’t much counting or sorting of threads. I did put a lot of work into gridding the fabric for Summer Ball, but oh well, I guess it will just have to wait.


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