The Deer In The Woods

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I am down to only a few WIPs. Peacock Tapestry will take years to finish, so I am not going to bother with that. Maybe when the kids are older and I can concentrate on it better. The hummingbirds were stitched on such small count fabric, I doubt I will be able to ever finish that. Since I don’t have a whole lot done on it, I think I will just toss it (I don’t think I have ever thrown out a project before!) But it is just too hard on my eyes. I made a huge mistake of stitching over one on it, and it is probably 25 or 28 count fabric. The embroidered pillow cases are not even cross stitch, and they aren’t much fun to work on. And then there is this deer in the woods. I started this thing a couple of years ago, I think. I thought it would be a quick and fun project. I was wrong. The colors are entirely brown and green, and there are lots of shades of each. The chart is from a magazine and is in full color, so I can’t easily photocopy it to mark off my stitches. But now that the stocking is done, I have started working on it again. It will be my “once in a while” project. When I get tired of it, it will get packed away again. Here is my progress so far.


I have also decided on which tiny project to tackle from my stash. It is the free WOXS kit of a penguin on skis. It has a card and envelope for easy finishing. Hopefully I can whip up a bunch of these small freebies throughout the year.



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